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Crystal Rotating Led Base is a Surprise Way to Display Gift

The crystal lighting base illuminates your leaded crystal from the bottom.Multiple LED lights change in color to produce a soft glow seemingly from within the leaded crystal itself.

Crystal rotating led base consiste of  LEDs, which indise with various color.  Usually the caystal put on crystal rotating led base. If special request, it is also ideal for decoration on Crystal top. It rotating powered by AC adaptor. The round mirror will rotates 360°, LED lights alternate colors and brightens up any transparent object with magnificent effect. Crystal rotating led base can be set stay still or rotating while wonderful color light is emitting from the LEDs.

Crystal rotating led base is the perfect for displaying all your decorative collectibles including 3D Laser Crystals, Glass Art Work, 3D Laser Cubes,any transparent objects or even Your Precious Jewelry.

If you have a fine crystal art object, you should own a crystal rotating led base with it. It is s surprise way to display your gift.

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