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Features of Led Penlight

A good penlight is a busy healthcare professional’s best friend. And this handy penlight is ready to go to work with you and make your day easier. It features heavy duty aluminum casing, a convenient pocket clip and a bright white LED light.

A General Led Penlight Features and Compares with Incandescent Penlight.

Body: The body of LED pen light is metal or hard plastic. There is a shirt-pocket clip on the side near the top, a pushbutton switch on one end, and a textured gripping area at the other end. At the tip is the protruding LED which projects a typical LED white beam. The end with the pushbutton switch unscrews to access the battery compartment.

The Eveready incandescent penlight uses 2 AAA cells, has a plastic clip, an entirely plastic body, and actually does provide a fair amount of light. Construction is very cheap and to open it you literally pull it apart in the center, inserting one battery into either half and then pressing it back together until it snaps in place.

Bezel/Head: The front of led penlight has the LED bulb and presumably a step-up circuit to power the LED from the 3 volts produced by the alkaline cells. The LED does protrude from the tip and therefore could be subject from damage due to impacts, but LEDs are very tough and it would take a lot to damage it.

The Eveready incandescent penlight also has its bulb protruding from the tip of the light and since the bulb is glass and contains a fragile filament, it is a bit more likely to be damaged by a drop or impact. Also, the bulb will eventually blow, whereas the LED light will never blow, but will very, very slowly lose brightness over years of use.

Output: The white light produced by the LED is a high color temperature and produces good color rendition weighted toward the blue end of the spectrum. The LED produces a fairly concentrated spot relative to the Eveready incandescent penlight.

The incandescent penlight produces a very wide, diffuse beam of swirly yellowish-orange light. The swirls are created by the lens at the end of the bulb which projects an image of the spiral glowing filament inside.

Comparing the output, the LED penlight can light a more distant object much better than the incandescent penlight, and it produces over twice the light overall. Generally you would think that this result would mean shorter runtime, since they are using the same type of batteries. However, the runtime graphs show otherwise.

Runtime Plot: The LED penlight is actually much more efficient at using the power in the batteries than is the incandescent competition. The LED penlight hits 50% starting output in 3½ hours, while the Eveready incandescent light hits 50% starting output in just 30 minutes. Not only that but after 3½ hours, at 50% output, the LED penlight is still producing more light than the incandescent penlight was producing when it was first turned on with new batteries.

Switch: The switch on the LED is a simple pushbutton switch, similar to a ball-point pen. The switch is depressed until it is flush with the rest of the endcap, at which point it clicks on. After it is turned on, depressing partially allows it to blink. Press until it clicks again to turn it off.

Ergonomics: Since it is metal it is not intended for holding in the teeth. It does fit very nicely in the breast pocket of a shirt and is very easy to activate and use.

Conclusions: LEDs are now taking over the role of incandescent bulbs in nearly all types of flashlights. Incandescent penlights have been around for a long time and now those old die-hard penlights that have been around once are next in line to be eventually replaced by this new LED version. Change can be difficult, but it is frequently good. The transition of the traditional penlight into a product of the 21st century is definitely one of those good changes. Forget about those single LED lights that require special batteries such as button cells or AAAA cells; get this one instead. Over time it'll be less expensive to run and will last much longer on a set of batteries. The led pen light for any repairman, any computer tech, or just about anyone else who likes to use a penlight for up-close work.



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