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Features and Use of Keychain Light

Keychain Light are ideal for tactical and covert use, as they can preserve the user's precious night vision. It choosable smart and light,cheap but practical use item,suitable for promotion and gift item light enough when insert key to keyholder,very usable at night with keychainĄŁ


The body of Led Keychain light is made of anodized aluminum or ABS plasti and features a large plastic clip that can be used to affix it to your keychain or other ring-type surface. The body of the light is availble in black or silver and the LED is available in white, red, yellow, green or blue light.The LED is behind a clear lens for protection and utilizes a smooth silver reflector to project more light. The beam is produced is a wide spot of bluish white light. Led Keychain light uses button cell batteries for power. Output is good for a keychain light. Since the light uses button cells, the output diminishes rapidly, decreasing to 50% of its original output in about 1 to 2 hours. After the initial drop, the brightness slowly decreases. This type of output curve is typical of all lights using alkaline batteries, except that LED lights maintain usable brightness for a much longer period of time than incandescent lights.Beam quality is good, casting a smooth directional flood of light more than sufficient for finding keyholes, dropped articles, and any other close-up work in the dark. Output on new batteries was surprisingly good.

How to use led keychain light

To use led Keychain Light, turn on and off by twisting the bezel end of the light or slide the black corrugated switch on its side forward (toward the LED) to turn it on, and slide this switch backward (toward the clip) to shut it off. Yes, it really is as easy as that To change the batteries, unscrew and remove the small screw with a phillips screwdriver, and set it aside.

Here is the unit disassembled as it would be for a battery change.

  • Remove the used cells, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.
  • Lay new coin cells into the flashlight half with that copper contact in it; orient them so their button-sides (-) negatives face down.
  • Lay the other half of the flashlight (the half with the LED) over the part with the batteries in it. While holding the two halves of the flashlight together, snap the clip end back on, orienting it so that the screw hole in it goes over the screw hole in the flashlight body.

Solar Keychain Light is a little gadget to show support for green energy. The solar powered Keychain LED light can be charged by direct sunlight or indoor light for a while , it will be work continuously several hours.

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