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Types of Indoor Fireplaces - Electric Fire or Real Flame Fire

General speaking, there are two type fire for any fireplace, they are electric fire and real flame fire. The corresponding product is  electric fireplace and real flame fireplace (gas fireplace, bio fireplace, etc). The electric fireplace requires no outside venting. Simply plug into any standard 3 prong 110 volt outlet, and you are ready to enjoy the romance of a fire without any of the inconvenience. With LED technology, The electric fireplace is not only beautiful, but energy efficient with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. All effects can be controlled independently.

Get a sample image of electric fireplace, click here.

A indoor fireplace (the another is outdoor fireplace,) is simply "a place for fire". A fireplace can be electric fire or real flame fire, enclosed or open, simple or elaborate. But always the goal is to control the fire and to tame it to your purposes which is to produce heat for warmth and perhaps cooking, and also to create an ambiance ofcomfort.

Traditional Indoors Fireplaces - Wall Mounted Fireplace

The most familiar type of indoor fireplace is the typical "wall-mounted" style found in living rooms, even bedrooms It may be made of brick, stone, cement, or ceramic, or some combination of these materials. The opening will usually be covered with a glass or metal screen of some sort. fireplaces of this type frequently are surrounded by an exterior mantle, which can be made of wood, marble, metal, brick, stone, or some other material. Mantle styles can range from simple to elegant to rococo to whimsical and, because of their prominence, often set the decorative tone for the entire room. Mostly they burn wood for fuel, but some can also burn coal, peat as well as gas, bio and other materials. Almost always, the intent is to produce flame and heat for warmth; but most of the heat is going up the chimney, so fireplaces of this type are not particularly energy-efficient. With some kinds of fireplaces, it is possible to use them for cooking, which actually was the norm right up until the 20th century.

Traditional Indoors Fireplaces - Free Standing Fireplace

In some structures, such as large contemporary homes and ski lodges, it may be free-standing and centrally located in the room, with openings on two or more sides. At present, one free-standing indoor fireplace is very popular too.

One classic freestanding fireplace that not only takes up little space but is also an excellent source of supplemental heat.

It comes usually with beautiful metal scroll to enhance the mission-like wood of the fireplace. Easily powered, it often plugs into a 120-volt outlet. One freestanding fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home as the warm ambiance.

Modern and sleek, built-in electric fireplaces are beautiful, energy efficient, and easy to install. The clean look with powder coat finish and functioning glass double doors will complement any room or any style.

Old style fireplaces have been used for hundreds of years in the Americas, and in Europe since earliest Medieval times. However, in today's modern homes, which come equipped with a central furnace for heat, their appeal is mostly aesthetic and nostalgic (for looks) rather than practical (for warming a large living area). Some people like them just to look at and to fill up a blank space in a wall, but rarely use them because of the work involved in acquiring fuel and keeping them clean.

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