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How to Choose a Fit Head Lamp

Headlamps are very useful as we mentioned above when you need your hands free in a dark environment. Whether you are setting up a campsite late at night or caving and need your hands to do other things besides hold a flashlight, then owning a headlamp is important.

A headlamp is an essential piece of outdoor gear for hiking or camping. Headlamp is a lifesaver and gives mechanics who work under cars the ultimate freedom to use their hands on work and not holding a light in place. During the short days of winter,when runners go out during the dark hours after work, having a headlamp is a great safety accessory to have. LED Headlight with bright white LEDs is our favorites, 3 levels of lighting and the option for either a rubber or plastic strap.  It is comfortable and provides plenty of light while in extreme dark and tight quarters for People who do work under houses (telecom, duct work, etc).


  • Consider battery life at 70 degrees F and below 0 degrees F, size, weight, number of batteries required and adjustable focus, as well as whether it's convertible to a handheld flashlight, convertible from halogen to standard vacuum bulbs or convertible from AA to C or 4.5-volt batteries.
  • Look for the following features if you'll be using your headlamp in cold climates: a durable battery pack that withstands cold; and a separate, insulated battery pack that can be kept close to the body to prevent freezing.
  • Choose a micro headlamp if you're looking for something inexpensive, simple and lightweight.
  • Consider the following if you want a headlamp that's ultralight: a battery pack that allows you to choose between AA batteries for low weight and C batteries for maximum brightness; and a separate battery pack that keeps the weight off of your head.
  • Look for a headlamp with three adjustable straps to maximize comfort and versatility. Adjustable straps will allow you to wear the lamp on a bare forehead or over a helmet or hat.
  • Select a waterproof headlamp if you'll be using it for canoeing, rafting, kayaking, swimming, or rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Visit Web sites for outdoor gear stores and search for a list of the headlamps they sell. These sites will often give a description of each product sold and its price.
  • Visit Web sites for outdoor magazines to read product reviews once you've narrowed your list of options.  Before Making Your Purchase.
  • Check the switch on the headlamp to see how easily it turns on and off. Ideally you want a lamp that twists off securely, so that it doesn't turn on in your backpack and wear out the batteries, but one that you can easily adjust while wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Try the headlamp on for comfort: Is the lamp padded, and does it fit comfortably against the forehead? Are the straps easily adjustable? Does it feel too light or too heavy?

A good headlamp features can give you need light and both your hands free at the same time. Headlamp should light and comfortable on the head. It is water resistant and doesn't short out if submerged, gives you almost 150 hours of burn time, has an excellent tilt feature and fits easily in toolboxs, glove boxes, or your pocket,fits snugly and shines bright.

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