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How to Choose Book Light

The use of illumination devices such as book lights is well-known. A book-light characterized by its small size and light weight is formed from suitable plastic material with a base supporting a vertical lamp-bearing arm and an integral clamp consisting of a U-shaped frame having side arms rigidly attached to the base and a central plate flexibly attached to the base so that the entire book-light may be attached to a book or other publication by inserting the cover or pages between arms and the central plate. The vertical lamp-bearing arm is mounted at one end in a transverse slot in the base, while the other end supports the lamp proper in a manner to permit both circular and vertical motions.

A book light may be used in situations where overall illumination of a room or environment is unnecessary or unwanted. These devices may also be used where a particular object or area requires additional or more intense illumination than the surrounding area. Portable book lights are usually removably mounted in some manner to a book and provide a reader a light source for night reading that will minimally disturb other persons in the room. Book lights have the advantage of a light source that is close to the book and adjustable over the pages being read. A reader commonly holds the book in an unfolded book reading position which entails having both opposing book pages open and facing the reader. Book lights may typically use incandescent or fluorescent light sources.

When you choose a book light, you should pay attention below:

  • Provide good lighting. Whether it's  LED or incandescent, the important thing is that fixtures be solidly installed andbright enough to accommodate reading.
  • LED book light for portable, easy nighttime reading.
  • Powered by batteries or recharge with AC adapter.
  • Adjustable head and arm; clip grips almost anything ,such as clips to hardcover or paperback
  • Spreads light evenly with no hot spots.
  • Whether LED needs replacing.
  • Easily bends to compact position for storage.

Tips & Warnings:

Avoid lighting a library or book collection with rickety, unstable reading lamps. Many lamps do not provide the bulb protection you want, and one bump could send the implement flying. A hot bulb against book pages is not a good idea. Evaluate your room to make sure there are no wobbly lamps or damaged lighting in bad positions.

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