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Installation of Delayswitch

The installation of  Delayswitch is different from ordinary switch. You must pay attention to the differences between  them. Alao dirrerent Delayswitchs have different ways of installation,  or just different installation position.

General speaking, some Buttoned Delayswitchs need to connect the frontline with the frontline point macked on the switch, and connect  the neutral with neutral point. And Touch Delayswitch always have two points called  the frontline in and the frontline out which mean you have to connect the switch with the frontline first and then connect the switch with the lamps, only in this way can you make two point called the frontline in and the frontline out, and connect the switch correctly. Or you will have some troubles with you switch, like the switch can't delay time or it  can only light up when you put you fingers on it. Also you have know if you connect the two sides wrongly , they can caused some problems like that. 

Buttoned Delayswitchs' installation  are  opposite to Touch Delayswitchs, you must connect the frontline with the lamps before you connect the switch, or you will  get into trouble too.

General, in our house the frontline  is the red one, the neutral is the blue or green one. But just to be on the safe side, you can test them with a electroprobe, and tell clearly which one is the frontline.Then you can do it, but always remember to cut out the power when  you are going to install.

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