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How to Create A 3D Laser Crystal

What is Laser?

Laser is an acronym of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A laser is a cavity that has mirrors at the ends and is filled with lasable material such as crystal, glass, liquid, gas, or dye. These materials must have atoms, ions, or molecules capable of being excited to a metastable state by light, electric discharge, or other stimulus. The transition from this metastable state back to the normal ground state is accompanied by the emission of photons which form a coherent beam.

What is 3D Laser Crystal

3D laser crystal are perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest family and friends. The 3D laser crystal is created and cut from genuine crystal by 3d laser engraving machine. Using the very latest laser technology, laser crystal can also create and engrave your unique 3D design within crystal cube.

Processing of 3D Laser Crystal

The design process for a laser crystal can take up to several weeks which depends on you need. Scientific class laser driven by a very complicated computer software program creates an actual 3-D image within crystal. It is mentioning that the crystal itself must be clear optical because any ripples or bubbles would block or blur the laser. The laser etching process uses a computer guided laser to precisely etch 3-D images within optically perfect laser crystal. Initial efforts produced 3-D images etched inside a solid piece of optically perfect laser crystal.The points are tiny fractures created by a focused laser beam. The conical beam, with a focal length of about 3", shines into the glass without damaging it except at the focal point. At that one point, concentrated energy heats the glass to the cracking point, causing a microfracture. Beams of light are refracted in thousands of directions creating a dramatic presentation. At the beginning, using CAD to generate the initial points, every design is represented point by point and with a clear structure. We call this method “Vitropgraphy”. Two dimensional as well as three dimensional designs from all areas can be engraved. The result will convince you with its pin sharp quality. Laser subsurface engravings can be made in all kinds of translucent materials e.g. glass, tempered or laminated glass, acrylic glass, ceramic glass, sapphire, polycarbonate etc.

Light led base is a basic part of 3D laser engraving machine.

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