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Crystal Ashtrays are Useful

Whether you are a smoker or not, ashtrays is also necessary in your home, especially public places. An ashtray is a receptacle for ash and butts from cigarettes and cigars of tobacco and Cannabis (drug). Ashtrays are typically made of glass, pottery, or metal. Crystal ashtray feature lead content and beautiful light refraction.

Crystal ashtray is an ideal decoration and gift for smokers.Crystal ashtrayare is not superb gifts for any celebrations occasions and decoration piece in home and office, but also can be built into cars and dustbins, and provided in toilets and other public places.Crystal ashtrayare is not great household items adds convenience to your life,but also have been a popular advertising vehicle.

The most common crystal ashtray design is squared with a shallow cylinder basin in the centre , to rest on atable. Many crystal ashtray have notches at the rim, to hold cigarettes and/or a cigar. In Spain, some ashtrays consist of two interlocking parts, the bottom of which is filled with water. Crystal ashtray is clear transparent, is made by top K9 crystal material.Logo and any image can be laser engraved or sand etched.Some crystal ashtrays with clever and unusual ads, colors, shapes and sizes.

Crystal ashtrays have various design and color. You can choose it accoding to the places and occasion, where the Crystal ashtrays would be set. Of course, you should often clear it. This is very easy and convenience. Just wash crystal ashtrays in water and wipe up with dry dishcloth. Then the crystal ashtrays will become clean and luculent.

More and more people have decided to kick the habit and throw away the smokes forever. That’s great, but don’t throw away the old ashtrays. Instead, clean them up and make beautiful crafts. Glass or crystal ashtrays, in particular, can be used to make some unique creations.

  • Deep crystal ashtrays make fabulous candle holders and take only a few moments to decorate.
  • Huge, coffee table ashtrays can be turned into a nice centerpiece for any table. Since these ashtrays can be virtually any shape, use your imagination to decorate them.
  • For the bathroom, certain ashtrays make great soap dish or jewelry holders.
  • Melt wax, set wick, and pour candle directly into a glass or crystal ashtray.

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