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Select Wooden Early Rider for Children

Early Rider is a very wide range of products for children. It contains baby bike, baby scooter, baby trike, baby walker and so on. Different kinds of products have different features. But the main common feature is safe.

Early Rider is suitable age from 2-6 years. Chilren, who are age from 2-6 years, have no self-protection consciousness. Therefor, safe is the most important factor of toys. What about wooden early riders?

  • These early rider products are all made by wood, so it reduce injury for children and have no chemic compromise.
  • Aluminium rims. It ensures the early tider wearable.
  • Safety valve caps. It avoid the edges and corners hurt.
  • Adjustable handlebar height and seat height. It can be adjusted for children stature, although children's height will change, so age doesn't have to be a barrier.
  • Because weight of the wooden early rider is lighter than the metal early rider, children used it easier. It is also portable when outing.

Early rider is not safe for children but also can improve their self-confidence, improve motor skills and be the coolest kid on the block. Its sit-and-go riding philosophy ensures all your child has to do is sit on, and go. Learner Bikes are pedal- free so your child can focus on the stuff that matters, such as learning to balance.

For example, both baby trike and baby walker are made by wood. Children can push and ride by themselves. these two kinds of Early rider can improve their self-confidence, improve walking and thier balance.

Different Early rider products have different characteristics and advantages. You can select one Wooden Early Rider for your child, which he/she is interesting to.

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