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Tips of Choosing Baby Bike

Wooden baby Bike is the unique balance bike. It is one kind of early rider products. It has adjustable seat, handlebar, height and steering manoeuvrability.

Its most main feature is no pedals so childlren can concentrate on the stuff that matters, like learning to balance. Children will improve motor skills and build confidence all while riding on the coolest bikes around. Early rider wooden bike with padded leather removable seat and embossed flame detail. Great for early learners who can't master the pedal stroke.

Some wooden baby bikes were invented to provide an alternative way for young children to learn to ride a bike without relying on training wheels. The bikes are designed to be the most stylish, well made and safest learner bikes available.

Baby Bike is suitable from 3-6 years, so it has adjustable handlebar and seat height. What should be noticed when buy baby bike?

Children's bikes are sized by the wheel size, not frame height, and are designed to accommodate a large range of sizes. As a rough guide 12" bikes are for 2-5 years, 16" are for 4-8 years and 20" are for 7-10 years but check the inside leg measurement and addle height range to be sure. Pedal-free bikes are an excellent way for small children to learn balance and steering skills before progressing to a normal bike, usually without ever needing stabilisers, and are perfect if you have some gentle flat and downhill stretches to help them enjoy coasting along. Young children often find hand brakes difficult to use, and are better at stopping with their feet, so set the saddle to a comfortable height to allow them to put both feet down.

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