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Wooden Toy - Natural Baby Toy

The Wooden Toy is an all natural toy for your baby! At 9 months of age baby's have had enough of lying and sitting. Driving around with the Wooden Toy Car in their hands is the best way to explore their own little world.

The natural beauty of wood comes to life in the hands of the experts handcrafting the toy. The wood structures convey sensory experiences while enhancing your child's development. Since wood is a completely natural material, you don't have to worry if your child puts it into his or her mouth. Safe, water-soluble varnishes are used to emphasize the unique natural beauty of the wood. An additional beeswax finish is then applied to all surfaces. This gives the sealed surface of wooden toys a soft and smooth - almost velvety - touch. Select wooden toys will be a toy that your children can have for a lifetime, they are even durable enough to be passed on to their children.

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