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Edittor 编辑 Excutive story editor,Visual effect supervisor
Special effect特技
Created by…制片人
Music by… 音乐
Written by… 写作
All right reserved 版权所有
Special guest star 特邀演员
Featuring Focus Puller Film editor Dramatised by…
Lighting 灯光
Sound 音响
Story by… 故事编辑 Senior produced

Sound recordist 录音
Vidio tap edit 磁带编辑
Make up 化装
Post production
Scrip by… 后期制作
Art 艺术
A word. (我要和你)说句话。
About? 哪方面的事情?
Absolutely not. 绝对不可能。
Act normally. 表现正常。
Actually. 实际上。
Afternoon. 下午好。
Aim! Fire!睢准!射击!
All stand. 全体起立!
All the time. 一直是这样。
Almost done. 几乎全做完了。
And the rest? 还有呢?
Any idea? 有什么想法吗?
Any problems? 有什么问题吗?
Any question. 任何问题(都可以提问)。
Anytime. 任何时间(都行)。
Anyway. 任何方法都(可以)。
Blood sure. 绝对肯定。
Correct. 正确。
Damn it. 该死。
Do care. 小心点。
Easy, easy. 小心点,小心点。
Enough. 足够了。
Fire? Fire. 开枪吗? 开枪。
First thing first. 首先。
Good done. 干得好。
Good job. 干得好。
Good point. 好主意。
Good result. 干的好。
Good short. 好枪法。
Great Congratulation. 祝贺你。
Great speech. 讲得很好。
Hi, sweat. 喂,亲爱的。
Hi, there. 喂,你好。
I say. 依我说。
I see. 我明白了。
Me, too. 我也要。
Meaning? 什么意思?
No bother. 不麻烦。
No idea. 不知道。
No kidding. 这不是开玩笑。
No problem. 没问题。
No way. 没门;不行。
Not bad. 不错。
Not exactly. 不准确。
Not now. 不是现在。
Not yet. 还没呢。
O.K.? 你好吗?
Oh, Miss! 喂,小姐。
Oh, my god. 哦,我的上帝。
A monster tries to get me. 有个魔鬼要抓我。
All happened in same time. 所有这一切都同时发生。
And I'll talk to you later. 我过后跟你谈谈。
And most importantly, ... 最主要的是…
And my guess is… 我猜是…。
And now, I do expect that. 现在,我确实希望这样。
And right now I've been hurt enough. 现在,我可伤心够了。
And the world will know. 只有天知道。
And you made me sick. 你让我恶心。
Anytime for you. 你任何时间都可以。
As a matter of fact. 事实上。
As far as I know. 就我所知,
As you can see.正如你看到的。
As you wish, if you want. 随你吧。
Be my pleasure. 我很乐意。
Believe or not, he'll come. 相信不相信,他都要来。
Between you and me. 就你和我;就我们俩知道。
Both, I guess. 我想两个都是。
But I can do that. 我能干。
But in the mean time. 与此同时。
But it did happen. 但这确实发生了。
But it sounds necessary. 听起来有必要。
But something has changed. 但有些事情已经改变了。
But this time I won. 不过这次我赢了。
But we have to deal with it. 我得处理这件事情。
By accident. 是偶然。
Damn, you are killing me. 该死,你要弄死我。
Damn. I got it. 太好了,我得到了。
Do what you want. 你想干什么,就干吧。
Doctor says no problem. 医生说没问题。
Doctors, lawyers, Judge, anyone. 医生,律师,法官,任何人(都行)。
Easy come, easy go. 来的容易,走得快。
Enough is enough. 够了就是够了。
Even the dogs take holiday. 就是狗也有自己的假期呀。
Everybody can figure out. 每人都能估计出来。
Everybody keeps say that... 大家都一直说…。
Everything get control. 一切都得到了控制。
Everything is fine. 一切都正常。
Everything is going to be fine. 一切都会好的。
Everything is my fault. 都是我的错。
Everything she said is lying. 她说的都是假的。
Everything went wrong. 一切都乱了。
Everything will be right. 一切都会好的。
Everything's going wrong. 一切都乱了。
Exactly. 完全准确。
Face to face. 面对面地。
From God. 从上帝那里来。
From the fact, I know… 根据事实,我知道…. 。
Funning things. 真有趣。
God knows, I don't know. 上帝知道,我可不知道。
Good look body. 好身材。
Good thinking. 好主意。
Good, I'm glad to hear that. 很好,听到这件事太高兴了。
Great, just great. 太好了,真是太好了。
He can go to hell. 他见鬼去吧。
He died in accident. 他死于事故。
He gave me the choice which was no choice. 他给了我个不是机会的机会。
He got a little wild. 他有点失常。
He has pulse. 他的脉搏还跳动;他还活着。
He is a friend of our family. 他是我家的朋友。
He is a good-looking bay. 他是一个漂亮的男孩。
He is a man I trust. 他是我相信的人。
He is afraid of challenge. 他害怕竞争。
He is gone. 他走了。
He is important to you. 他对你很重要。
He is quiet upset. 他很不安。
He is really a fine-looking young man. 他确实是一个很英俊的年青人。
He is sensitive. 他很敏感。
He is terrible pain. 他痛的利害。
He must be ill. 他一定病了。
He remind me that. 他使我想起来了那件事。
He suffered too much, too long. 他受苦太多太长了。
He was divorced. 他离婚了。He was lying to you. 他在对你撒谎。
He'll be free soon. 他很快就自由了。
He'll never forgive you. 他永远不会原谅你的。
Here is 100 dollars, all in cash. 这儿有一百美元,全是现金。
Here is my card. 这是我的明信片。
Here you go. 给你。
Here, you keep the change. 给你钱,别找零钱了。
He's dead. 他死了。
He's died 27 times. 他死了27次了。
He's drunk. 他醉了。
He's gone. 他走了。
He's got killed. 他被杀了。
Hi, someone to see you. 喂,有人找你。
His case is strong, I can win it. 他的案情很有利,我能给他打赢。
His death is nothing to do with you. 他的死与你无关。
How nice of you to come. 你来真是太好了